Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Province - Designers for Ridge at Bose Farms get a bright idea, Rediscovering white as fresh, individual look

"In the two display suites at The Ridge at Bose Farms, Mae Suffron and Doris Wutzke of Creative Designworks may have advanced the reputation of all shades of white.

“At one time, when you saw white in a project, you thought ‘boring’. Not any more,” says Suffron, Creative Designworks’ principal designer and the mind behind the suites in Rempel Development’s 253-unit condominium project.

One of the display suites at the project especially allows white to dominate walls and furnishings, with appropriate rustic brown accents adding a rural touch to the modern home.

“The use of white from paint to furnishings allows our climate of dull days to feel bright and refreshing … White becomes the canvas on which we paint, to create an individual look.”

The Bose land on which the development will stand is steeped in history. The land surrounding the development was originally owned by Henry Bose in the late 1800s. Generations of the Bose family kept purebred Holsteins, horses to till the soil and used it for agricultural purposes into the 1950s.

That legacy will be kept intact in many ways. One structure once used to milk cows, for instance, will become a potting shed for the homeowners’ community gardens. And the Bose family home will be restored and contain two guest suites.

In both suites at the presentation centre, cool dances with character, modernity mixes it up with the country touch.

The suites have wide appeal: established buyers respect the local history and natural beauty, while first-time buyers may be attracted more to the contemporary mix, says Suffron.

In a bedroom, she’s placed a vintage-look print and wooden organizer on one wall, while in the living room, a solid trunk-like coffee table sits a metre away from a modern white wall unit. These faux-antique accents add warmth against a dominant white and touches of grey.

“The sense and feel of history is everywhere throughout the project. Our goal was to infuse this sense of history into the modern lifestyle, which would create an appeal to all purchasers.”

Kitchen islands come equipped with drawer storage, square dual kitchen sinks and stainless steel appliances.

Bathrooms have frameless glass shower doors, oversized floor and wall tiles, and contemporary vanities with deep sinks.

The bedroom is just as light, but with the funk factor turned way up. Dresser drawers are covered in antique ad-label lettering and a feature wall of wide planks is set against a modern bathroom.

In the dining room, Suffron decorated with thoughts of the homeowners’ activities in mind.
“We envisioned entertaining at the large dining island and serving up dinner from produce grown in the communal gardens on site and thought, ‘How cool is that?’”"

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